DE Accreditation & You: Beyond Coorespondence

Did you know that 7.1 Million students enrolled in online courses last year? And did you know that 35% of all the students enrolled in higher ed online courses were from community college? We are doing a good job offering online courses, but we can do better teaching them. DE Accreditation & You: Beyond Correspondence, provides tips and tricks on how to make your online course more interactive.

Take a look at the video of the presentation, and then share some ideas on how you add interactivity to your online courses.


Where does Blended Learning Fit in Higher Education?

Are we behind the curve in using “Blended Learning” in higher education? How would you define blended learning? What are your ideas for implementing it in the classroom?

Blended Learning at the RI Model School from Highlander Institute on Vimeo.

Learning Web 2.0 Online

We finally had enough students to teach CA092A (Intro to Web 2.0). So far, its been going fairly well. However, the greatest challenge is to teach to tools and Web applications that are in “constant beta.” Its also a challenge for students because they are learning how to work with a new paradigm and how to use new tools.

I’ve asked my students to post their comments about the class here. Take a look!

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“The Flipped Classroom”

Still off recovering from my illness, but looking forward to returning in the spring. On topic I would like to discuss with colleagues is the idea of the “Flipped Classroom.” I’ll be teaching some “on-ground” courses in the spring and will experiment with this concept.
Flipped Classroom

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Strategies for Uploading PPT to ANGEL

Welcome back!

I have received a few requests for help uploading PowerPoint (PPT) presentations into ANGEL. This short video is one of several I will post related to media management strategies in ANGEL. Saving your PowerPoint files to PDF (Portable Document File)  makes for smaller files, protects your copyright and provides students with the same materials as a native PPT (Note: This demonstration assumes you are uploading PowerPoint presentation with NO audio/narration).

Strategies for Uploading PPT in ANGEL

Strategies for Uploading PPT in ANGEL

Take a look at one of the following links to learn more… Stay tuned for more posts!

The PowerPoint Strategies for ANGEL:

Rich Media:




iPad Learning

Take a look at this video on learning with the iPad. It includes examples of the iPad being used in education at various levels. Can you think of ways to engage your students with the iPad?
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Cloudy with a Chance of Learning

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Cloudy with a Chance of Learning Presentation, by Curtis Pembrook

Web Two O- Good Endings…

Well, 32 people attended my workshop on the instructional applications of Web 2.0. Ironically, around 7:30 PM last night I noticed this student chatting on Meebo, listening to her iPod, and preparing for the coming semester. She is the perfect example of the “Millennial” learner I profiled in the presentation. What a perfect end to Flex Day!

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Thanks for attending my Flex Presentation, and welcome to “To Catch an Angel” blog! We face a tremendous challenges as educators in the 21st Century. We have an entirely new generation of learners in are classroom. They live in a “flat” world where its no longer sufficient to just have an education, but rather a range of broad skills required to succeed in both virtual and traditional working environments. In this blog we’ll explore these challenges, relevant research and critical commentary, and share ideas¬†about best practice for technology-based learning.